The Company is flexible in meeting customer needs and adapts itself to all comers. The Company provides the customer a variety of choice in producing any brand it desires.



 Our cooking technology is one of the world’s most advanced. Advanced packing machinery packs products without need of human intervention.



 Our fruit spreads are known for their quality; we choose the best fruits to manufacture our products.



Fogel Food Industries is a company specializing in manufacturing and marketing of

individual servings only. Our company has been a market leader for several years

carrying a wide range of products and ready to serve its customers by adding any unique

products in which they might be interested.

Certifications -   Business License, Manufacturer's License from the Ministry of Health,

FSSC 22000, ISO 9001, American FDA approval, Chief Rabbinate Certification and Badatz Mehadrin

(Rav Rubin). Please note that we are the only ones to have Badatz Mehadrin for all

products including Passover products.

Export -   Our Company exports to Belgium, USA, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland,

Canada, England, etc.

Technology -   The Company has Israel’s largest production capacity. We have the most

advanced and innovative machinery existing in the country so far, and are able to produce

cups of any size required by the customer, including private brands; we also have the

capacity to fill cups up to 40 gm with any material from water to spread.

Products -   Jam spread made from strawberry, blueberry, cherry, orange, peach, apricot,

plum without sugar (approved for diabetics), chocolate spread, halva spread, date honey,

honey, ketchup, soy sauce, spicy and sweet chili.

Distribution -   We distribute our products through 60 independent distributors. We also

distribute directly to some customers through company personnel. Our company controls

some 65% of the individual servings market and up to 80% in some categories.

Among our clients -   Hospitals in the country, the military, police, Prison Service, cafes,

hotels, El Al, and more…




HaHarash St 12, Haifa

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